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Although nothing will beat a qualified optician or optometrist helping you chose the right frame for your face and prescription, we have assembled this list to help you make the right decision for yourself. 

Optical frames are measured using the boxing system. The interior temple or nose bridge will give you these numbers on most frames.  If a frame does not have it or has worn off you can measure your frame with a ruler. All numbers are in millimeters. If you have an existing pair of glasses you can check them in order to figure out what sizing is best for you. 

A Measurement
The first number refers to the 'A' measurement. The 'A' Measurement represents how large the lens is horizontally.  0 starts nasally. These numbers can range from 43-60 in most cases. The larger the A measurement is, the larger you can expect the frame to fit. The 'A' measurement is commonly referred to as the Eye Size.

DBL Measurement
The second number is the 'Distance Between Lenses' or DBL. This the amount of space between the lenses. These numbers can range from 11-26 in most cases. Keep in mind this does not tell you how a frame will fit on your nose just how much space there is between the two lenses.

Temple Length 
The third number on your glasses are the temple length, usually ranging from 130-155. 

Have a very high prescription? Go to a smaller A measurement to achieve a thinner lens. 

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